Unapologetic Geek

I admit it, I have a tendency to use the terms “geek” and “nerd” interchangeably but there is a difference. The simplest definition I have found is in this cartoon on Great White Snark. Based on this definition, I am a geek.

I love video games, action movies, and books among other things. Pull up a chair—I’ll be glad to sit down and talk your ear off about my favorite fandoms. Sadly, I have few people to discuss these topics with. Like most adults, I spend a good portion of my days at work. My coworkers, most of whom are my age, don’t get me at all. I am definitely the odd woman out. (At least my twenty-something coworkers think I’m cool. They think it’s awesome that I’m a gamer.)

But, over the last few years, I have stumbled across a recurring phenomenon I just don’t understand. For most of my adult life, my work days have been spent in cubicles. However, four years ago, I wound up with a private office—a wonderful thing for an introvert like me. Even better, my office has shelves I personalized with photos of my family, and of course, my geek stuff. Passersby and customers frequently comment on my things. Some have no idea what it is and have questions. Others recognize some of the items and also have questions such as “Is that a Master Chief helmet? Do you play Halo?” Then they notice the Boba Fett helmet. “You like Star Wars too?” I assure them that yes, I play Halo and other games, and yes, I like Star Wars, and Star Trek among other things. I usually end the conversation with the statement that “I’m just a geek.” This pronouncement is always met by the response “Oh. That’s okay.”

N7 Day

Me all decked out for N7 Day in one of my geek tees. Some of my other items are visible in the background.

Well, duh. Of course it’s okay. I wasn’t apologizing nor will I. I’m proud of my geekiness. For heaven’s sake, I have a tattoo featuring a Playstation controller on my back. (I’m seriously considering a second geek tattoo as well.) It would be one thing if only one or two people made that response but it’s every single one. I’m baffled as to why. Can you explain it to me?

Are you a nerd or a geek or neither?


  1. Lydia says:

    Oh, that’s perplexing. If it only happened with a few people, I’d assume that they had put their feet into their mouths. I don’t know why everyone does that to you.

    I have a lot of geeky and nerdy interests, but I’m a little hesitant to claim those titles since I don’t obsess over them.

    A lot of the geeks and nerds I know take pride in remembering as many details as possible about, say, Lord of the Rings or Star Trek and having long-winded debates about them. I do enjoy those universes quite a bit, but it in a more casual way if that makes sense.

    Then again, I’ve run across other fitness enthusiasts who like to argue about the minutia of exercise and nutrition. So maybe it’s simply that I don’t have an argumentative personality i general. Ha! :)

    • Isabella Norse says:

      Hi Lydia! Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m fairly casual about most of my interests as well. However there is at least one fandom where I am willing to take it to the mattresses when necessary.

      As far as arguing goes, I’m usually willing to argue both sides of almost any topic, LOL.

  2. Ami Chancellor-Phillips says:

    I proudly fly my geek flag, too. I’ve never been a gamer; I just seem to lack the ability to do it well and play a game from beginning to end. That said, I admire those of y’all who do and enjoy watching my wife play.

    I don’t understand folks who don’t get geekiness / nerdiness. Lots of folks obsess over other things, and no one seems to look down on or question their hobbies. Also, as Daniel Radcliffe said, “Some people are obsessed with heroine.” I’d much rather see someone find happiness from games, movies, and fandoms in general.

  3. Caroline Freeman says:

    Let me step into what maybe swift water…Maybe it’s the “I’m just a geek”. It’s your other life, the one you live outside the workplace. Maybe, if you say, “Not only am I a XXX superhero at work, in my other life, I’m a superhero in XXX.” Let’s face it. You don’t exactly look like the alternate-life badass that you are.

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