Check Marks and Smiley Faces

Not long ago, I learned that when my grandson completes his homework, he gives himself a check mark and a smiley face. It was one of those simple moments that left me sitting in stunned silence.

Check marks

Sometimes it feels like we’re expected to do all the things all the time. It’s exhausting. How much better would we feel if, instead of beating ourselves up about all the things we didn’t get done, we gave ourselves check marks and smiley faces for the things we did accomplish?

Check Marks and Smiley Faces




















I find it somewhat amusing that, in order to write a simple post including a list containing check marks and smiley faces I had to:

* Create the list in a Word document

* Save the document as a .pdf

* Open the .pdf with Photoshop Elements

* Save the file as a .jpeg

* Insert the .jpeg into my post

But you know what? For all of that extra work I’m going to give myself another check mark and smiley face.

Check Marks and Smiley Faces

What can you give yourself a check mark and smiley face for today?


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