Take The Selfie

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I don’t post many selfies.¬† First and foremost, I suck at selfies. And second, why? *shrugs*

However, there is one type of selfie I wish I had taken but didn’t and that is a selfie with my parents. Several friends have share selfies they took with their elderly parents and they are adorable. Now that their parents are gone, those pictures mean the world to them. I don’t really have any pictures of me with my parents other than ones that are decades old. I’ve taken oodles of selfies with my grandson since his birth but it never even crossed my mind to take a selfie with my parents So, consider this your reminder: the next time you visit your family, take the selfie!

On another note, who knew I could write such a short post?


This is how I feel about most selfies.

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