Sneak Peek Sunday – Virtually Yours

Picture courtesy of Sarah Walter Ellwood

Picture courtesy of Sarah Walter Ellwood


Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday and thanks for stopping by! In this scene from my soon-to-be-released nerdy short story, Virtually Yours, Phoebe tells her friend Liv that Kyle just asked her out.

“Kyle invited me to meet him for dinner tonight.”

“Dinner?” Liv’s squeal was just short of dog whistle. “Good man. Why do you look so confused? You are familiar with the concept of a date right? Guy, girl, dinner, talking, kissing…”

 “I’m familiar with the concept – in theory. I just assumed that the Herd was meeting tonight, but it’s not. He wants to go out with me – alone!” Phoebe grabbed Liv’s arms in panic. “What am I going to do?” She wailed. “I’ve never been on a date.”

 “Never? You’re shitting me – right?”

 “No.” Phoebe looked close to tears. “I’ve always been one of the guys. We play the same games, like the same movies; none of them have ever looked at me like that before.”

 “Ah, my dear naive nerdling – that is where you’re wrong. Kyle has always had a crush on you.” Seeing the fear in her friend’s eyes, Liv pulled her into a quick hug. “It’ll be fine. The two of you are already friends so that puts you ahead of the game. Now you have an opportunity for a few more benefits such as kissing and… Well, we’ll just leave it at kissing for now.”

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