Nerdy, Dirty Girls

My “heroic” pre-race pose

As I stated in an earlier blog, 2014 is the year that I push myself out of my itty-bitty comfort zone. The first step in this process was signing up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in April. Oh. My. Gosh. It was SO much fun! Costumes/tutus are becoming very popular among the female participants in races and mud runs and the team I was on was no different. We dressed as members of the Justice League of America. However, since Dirty Girl raises money for breast and ovarian cancer awareness, we dubbed ourselves the “Breastice League.”

My sons are grown and I’m a little rusty on my comic book characters so I had to do an internet search to refresh my memory on the members of the Justice League. However, as soon as I saw The Flash, I knew that was the costume for me. Why? Well, I love red and it gave me an excuse to wear a unitard. Let’s face it, I’m fair-skinned and almost 6 feet tall – most of which is legs. A unitard would cover my legs leaving that much less of me to sunburn. My decision had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Cellulite Fairy has been far too kind to me over the last few years. Really. ;-)

One of the muddier obstacles

Our costumes were a hit. It started in the event parking lot – random strangers came up and asked to have their picture taken with us. We received many shout outs from other participants about our costumes being the best they had seen all day. I was amazed at how many guys came up to me and said “Now that is an awesome costume!”

The Dirty Girl is an untimed 5k that features twelve obstacles, some with mud pits and some without. Each obstacle is designed to push you out of your comfort zone, but it is about more than just expanding your own horizons, it is about encouraging others to do the same. I am pleased to say that I completed all of the obstacles – even the ones that intimidated the heck out of me. The obstacle that was the hardest for me was the one named Get A Grip – it is a rope cargo net roughly two stories tall that participants climb up and over; there is even a bell to ring at the top. I don’t like heights, so this one was a trial. I made it up the first side and almost froze – swinging a leg over the top in order to climb down the other side was terrifying! However, the best part of the course happened as I worked my way down the far side. As I neared the bottom, two women – easily as scared as I was – approached the top and panicked. I stopped where I was and was able to give them advice and encouragement to help them overcome their fears and complete the obstacle. It felt great!

Approaching the finish line

Approaching the finish line

As a team, we had a awesome time and are already making plans for next year. I have been informed that next year’s theme is fairies. O_o Now, I’m not exactly a “fairy” type of girl, but I’ll figure out a way to rock it. I’m already looking for ideas for Viking/Battle Fairy costumes, so let me know if you have any suggestions!


  1. Elena Linville says:

    That sounds like fun! As for fairies, if you don’t dig the whole “glittering wings and fairy dust”, you can always look at the Celtic definition of fairies or the Tuata de Danan. Should count, no?

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