Dial V for Vampire – #luckyseven Snippet

Picture courtesy of www.123rf.com

Picture courtesy of www.123rf.com

My friend Sara Thorn tagged me for #luckyseven, a fun Twitter exercise for writers. The rules are simple:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences – as they are!!
  • Tag 7 other people to do the same

My work in progress, Dial V for Vampire, is the first book in my humorous, sweet paranormal romance series. The heroine, Maggie, is a part-time server, part-time blogger and full-time skeptic; she is thrown face-first into the world of the paranormal when she is attacked by a werewolf. Noah, the hero, is the vampire that rescues Maggie from the misguided attack. And now, without further ado, I present 7 lines from page 77, line 7:


“You’re getting better.” Noah leaned closer, examining Maggie carefully. “I see hints of yellow and green around the edges of your bruises; you aren’t solid purple anymore.” He gave her a wicked grin, flashing extremely white teeth. “Pretty soon you’ll be as colorful as your apartment.”

“You aren’t fooling me. Not only are you a chocolate wuss, but you’re also a color wimp.” She waved her fork at his plate. “Now, stop talking and eat.”

They dug into their cupcakes in silence. After about two bites, Noah decided that he really was a chocolate wuss. It would take him a week to finish this thing; Maggie was already half done with hers and showed no signs of slowing down.


This is both the first snippet that I have posted from this book and my shortest blog post, LOL!

Now I have to tag seven more writers. How about it J.A., Maria, Kyra, Elena, Nadine, Cassandra, and C.L.? Wanna play?


  1. MM Jaye says:

    Thanks, Izzy, for tagging me! I love the concept of “7″! The only problem with your excerpt is that I’m now heading to finish off my daughter’s half-eater Kinder surprise egg…

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