How Nerdy Are Thy Branches

Glitter treeI’m a sucker for glitter and I love the way the light plays off of this ornament on our Christmas tree so I posted this picture on my Facebook page. My daughter-in-law responded almost immediately with this comment: “No closeups of superheros or singing chickens? This is an inaccurate depiction of your Christmas tree.” She is absolutely right. :-) I believe that Christmas trees, as with any other home decor, are a reflection of their owner. Our tree is eclectic at best, but “nerdy” is probably the best word – and I’m totally okay with that.

Decorating our tree has always been a family affair. We bought new ornaments for our sons every year. Once they were old enough, they picked out their own ornaments so our tree is a reflection of their interests through the years. The following pictures are an accurate depiction of our tree:


This Darth Vader does more than just light up, it talks. The outlet that tree plugs into is operated by a light switch. When we flip the switch, the tree lights up and Darth intones “The force is strong with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.” Until last year, Darth was joined by these chickens clucking Jingle Bells.



Sadly, the chickens no longer cluck and, to be honest, I miss them.

In addition to the others, SpiderMan swings through the branches not the least bothered by the light bulb currently resting on his head.



Even Mario joins the party. (Mario Party, get it?)



Not necessarily nerdy, but nonetheless unique, the Oscar Mayer weinermobile joins us for the holidays. It used to play the Oscar Mayer theme with the press of a button. Unfortunately, like the chickens, the weinermobile is now silent.

Weiner mobile


I enjoy the trip down memory lane every year when my boys come home to help us trim the tree but the trip is a little shorter these days. My youngest son took several of his ornaments with him when he moved out, which is fine. That was the purpose of getting the boys their own ornaments after all. So, I’m making new memories with new ornaments and pulling out others that haven’t been used in a while. After all, that’s what life is all about, making new memories and enjoying the journey.

On that note, dear readers, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

What sort of decorations do you have? Does your tree have a theme or a color scheme or is it more eclectic?




  1. Ami says:

    We don’t have a tree this year. Our initial reasoning was cats (Henry) that think that it needs to be climbed. Henry actually did in our last tree and we haven’t replaced it. As the season has progressed, I’ve started missing having a tree. Our presents sit on the buffet in the dining room. It strikes me as a little sad now. I suspect that we’ll have a tree next year.

    When we have a tree, it’s got a smattering of all different ornaments — from my childhood and my children’s.

    • Isabella Norse says:

      Every year I swear I’m not going to put up a tree because I don’t want to deal with havoc the cats wreak on it. But, once the tree is up and the lights are twinkling, I realize how much I would miss it. Since we have a kitten in the house this year, I’ve resorted to my old tactics of using green twist ties to attach the garland to the limbs. Setting up the tree was also bittersweet because our old man cat, Oscar, is no longer with us – he always got *so* excited about Christmas.

  2. Lynda says:

    Since I’ve started being a travel RN, I have an 18″ tree, complete with 2 strands of 20 lights each strand – one white, one colored, and 15 wooden ornaments. Boo, my 12 year old kitty, doesn’t really get excited about it. Go figure….

    Merry Christmas!

    • Isabella Norse says:

      Your tree sounds adorable! I guess it’s a good thing Boo isn’t interested since it is just her size.

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Becky Campbell says:

    I too enjoy the twinkling of the lights. Our tree is white lights with glass or see through ornaments. Unfortately no star or angel this year . It’s still in a box in 1 of our 2 storages units. Lucy, our 13 yr. old Golden Retriever seems to have enjoyed it this year. It’s probably her last so I have enjoyed watching her stare closely at the tree. We don’t think she can see very well. Ziggy, our 5 yr. old ship tzu, has enjoyed trying to chew through his doggy stocking.from Wal Mart. Now it is up much higher. I do have the hearth room off the kitchen decorated with the red and green decorations. This room is most whimsical with elves, Santa hats and such. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

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