assassins-heart-white-website-use1“A Great Epic Fantasy Read” – Amazon Reviewer

Sold into servitude by her parents, Lillie has done what she must to survive. Death is an art she has mastered. Living, not so much. Now she faces the ultimate test of her skills—the last step to becoming a full-fledged assassin.

Nef, a stable hand, watches as Lillie sneaks into the castle stables to befriend the animals there. Intrigued by these glimpses into a softer side of this otherwise aloof and mysterious young woman, he suspects it will take more than sliced apples and cheese for him to win her trust.

An unwitting pawn in the political ploys of shadowy figures, Lillie must decide. Will she continue down the path chosen for her or will she turn her back on everything she knows to protect an innocent mark? Will Nef’s love be the key to unlocking an assassin’s heart?

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