Animal rescue is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have been an animal rescuer for many years, both as a part of formal rescue groups and on my own. Each story in my Paws and Effect series will involve animal rescue in some form. All books in this series are now available from Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and more!

The Purrfect Partner is the first book in the series, but each story is standalone so they can be read in any order.


Cover design by Victorine Lieske, Blue Valley Author Services

Cover design by Victorine Lieske, Blue Valley Author Services

“Funny romantic novella with endearing cat” – Amazon Reviewer

Lorelei Stevens, newly certified veterinary technician, faces the future with a mix of excitement and dread. Freedom from the meddling of her well-intentioned friends is finally within reach. All she has to do is spend Valentine’s weekend dodging the unwanted attentions of strangers during the annual singles gathering at The Lodge. In return, her friends promise to never, ever set her up on another blind date.

Dalton Freeman, laid-back rancher, receives a getaway to The Lodge as a gift from his brothers. The catch? The gift is only good during Valentine’s weekend. So what if all of his attempts at online dating have failed miserably? There’s no reason for his brothers to play Cupid. Really.

When these two strangers pretend to be a couple for a weekend, will it be a disaster or will fate – and a half-frozen kitten – lead them to the purrfect partner?






Book two, It’s Meow or Never, is now available!


Cover designed by Victorine Leiske, Blue Valley Author Services

Cover design by Victorine Leiske, Blue Valley Author Services

“Wonderful quick read.” – Amazon Reviewer

Zoe Callahan has a serious crush on her neighbor. But, how can they ever be together? They have nothing in common. She’s a video-game-loving nerd and he’s a hunka-hunka burning firefighter. To make matters worse, now there’s a leggy brunette hanging around his place at all hours.

Drew Pressley adores his neighbor. He and Zoe flirt, but whenever he tries to deepen their relationship, she changes the subject or runs away—sometimes literally. Will he ever be able to let her know how he feels without resorting to the use of tranquilizer darts to keep her from fleeing?

Finally, an unruly ladder and a tiny orange kitten bring their situation to a head. Will Zoe and Drew finally be together or are they destined to be friends without benefits? It’s meow or never!