Beginning a New Page in Life

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Yes, I meant “page” and not “phase” although both are correct.

I promised an update on my progress – or lack thereof – during NaNoWriMo. (See my original post here.)  I knew that I wouldn’t meet the 50K word count goal for the month, but how many words did I make? Zero. Nada. Zip. How do I feel about it? Much to my surprise, I’m fine.

Although I originally planned to work on a short story during the month, I didn’t. Why not? My heart just wasn’t in it. I love my short story idea and want to do it justice; forcing myself to work on it during November just to meet an arbitrary word count goal wouldn’t. Instead, I focused on publishing my debut novel – a much more important project. How successful was that? Very. Assassin’s Heart went live on Amazon on November 22nd and Kobo a few days later. I’m still working through the process on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Is it scary to release my baby into the world? Absolutely. However, writing fan fiction and posting it for all to see helped prepare me for this step, so it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as it could have been. My fan fiction based on the Mass Effect video game series received a warm welcome and I developed a following. (My Dragon Age stories get little traffic.) I hope that my original stories will do so as well – I love interacting with readers.

As a result of Assassin’s Heart’s change in status from work-in-progress to actual published book, my website has a new page titled My Books. How cool is that? I’m super excited and look forward to adding many more books over the years. I hope that you will join me on the journey!


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