A Labor of Love

Cover designed by Melody Simmons, ebookindiecovers.com

Cover designed by Melody Simmons, ebookindiecovers.com

I am very pleased – and excited – to announce the release of my second book, Virtually Yours! I think of Virtually Yours as the short, sweet romance for gamers, nerds and those that love them.

If you have read my previous posts (here and here) you know that I have crushes on several virtual men; this story is my homage to them and has been a true labor of love. There is some incredible storytelling in video games and if it weren’t for these games, their stories and their characters, I might never have become a writer. (I started out writing fan fiction for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age video game series.) And so, without further ado…


Phoebe Link, nerd extraordinaire, has several lovers – all virtual. The men in her favorite video games are cocky, witty, and self-assured. They are also safe – they will never cheat on her or break her heart. Of course, they will also never hold her close or warm her bed.

Kyle Shepard has been smitten with Phoebe for years, yet she remains oblivious to his hints that he would like to be more than friends. With subtlety getting him nowhere, he must channel his inner ladies’ man – surely all of those reruns of Space Trek have taught him something – and ask her out.

Can Kyle convince Phoebe to take a chance on love? Can Phoebe bring herself to risk her heart in a relationship with a living, breathing man? Or, will they both get more than they bargained for when they discover that the lines between fantasy and reality can blur when romancing a nerd?


“Well…” Phoebe paused, biting her lower lip.


“Kyle invited me to meet him for dinner tonight.”

“Dinner?” Liv’s squeal was just short of dog whistle. “Good man. Why do you look so confused? You are familiar with the concept of a date right? Guy, girl, dinner, talking, kissing…”

“I’m familiar with the concept – in theory. I just assumed the Herd was meeting tonight, but it’s not. He wants to go out with me – alone!” Phoebe grabbed Liv’s arms in panic. “What am I going to do?” She wailed. “I’ve never been on a date.”

“Never? You’re shitting me – right?”

“No.” Phoebe gulped, close to tears. “I’ve always been one of the guys. We play the same games, like the same movies; none of them have ever looked at me like that before.”

“Ah, my dear naive nerdling – that is where you’re wrong. Kyle has always had a crush on you.” Liv pulled her into a quick hug. “It’ll be fine. The two of you are already friends so that puts you ahead of the game. Now you have an opportunity for a few more benefits such as kissing and… Well, we’ll just leave it at kissing for now.”

“Kissing! There’s another problem.” Phoebe was in full deer-in-the-headlights mode. “What if I’m not good at it? I don’t have much experience.”

“This from the woman that is Sirenia.” Liv snickered. “Just channel your virtual ho.”

“I prefer the term ‘seductress,’” Phoebe sniffed.

“Fine. Seductress. Virtual vixen. Whatever. Just pretend you are her. Then again-” Liv cocked her head- “I’m guessing Kyle doesn’t have a whole lot of experience either, and you don’t want to scare him off. Just be you. The two of you can learn together.” Pushing Phoebe away gently, she shook a well-manicured finger under her nose. “Just do me a favor, okay? Put a little more care than usual into your outfit for the evening. Please? And don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

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